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Artist Statement.

My work over the past four years has prevailing aspects of uniting opposites, an essence of my inner spirit. Contributing to my visual interest is the beauty of the unrefined which emanates from a pastoral upbringing. My workmanship has refined into an analog manner of creating all things solid, stout and substantial. My art focuses within three dimensional work, specifically clay, both abstract and functional forms.


My current installation, 12. , is a collection of coil constructed forms that holds gravity with its aesthetic appearance. Yet under further investigation, this installation reveals the portrayal of the twelve biblical disciples at the Last Supper thus providing consultation. This communion of vessels serves as stand-ins notably for the disciples alongside us, current believers. I think of this installation as an artifact of transcendence and an invitation to communication. 


Creating, the act of bringing into existence, is an outlet to see and emulate the handiwork of God. Creating art alongside all aspects of my life is ritualistic, an act of worship for his glory alone.

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